18 September 2013

It’s Our 20th Anniversary!

By Elizabeth Borton

I can hardly believe that I’m writing this post. Twenty years ago, I decided to set out on my own to create Write On Target. Well, to be honest, at the time I had no idea that the company would grow into the organization that it is today. No, I figured I’d just work out of my dining room, writing marketing materials for a couple of clients. When I decided to quit, the company would go away.

But wouldn’t you know, clients started asking if I could also provide the artwork, and the printing, and special events, and so on and so on. Before I knew it, I had to move out of the dining room, into a rented office and (big gulp) hire my first employee.
I remember being so scared to take that leap. Before, I felt that if I screwed up and failed, it only impacted me. But now, I had to be responsible for the livelihood of someone else. Turns out, it was a great decision.

Soon, I had two employees, outgrew my office space and bought an office condo. About that time, I was selected to go through a strategic planning course for small businesses and began working with the benefits group at Mead Corporation. I saw
a need for clear, concise benefits communications and decided to focus my business solely on serving the HR departments of large corporations. An artist I worked with
at the time told me I was making a big mistake. That I was too creative for HR.
I disagreed. I felt the world of HR communications could use a little creativity.
Looking at our growth over the past 20 years, I’d say I was right.

Today, we are a thriving company with the absolutely BEST team in the business. Jennifer Weatherly, Julie Oswalt, Kelly O’Connor, Sandy Jones, Paula Clifford and
Becky Paul — you amaze me with the innovative communications you produce and the exceptional, personalized service you deliver. I’m very blessed to work with each of you. Together, I know we’ll take this company even further in the years to come.

I’m so very proud of Write On Target. Not just for what we do, but for who we are. Close-knit, collaborative, supportive…it feels more like a family than anything else.
I may have started this company out of my house, but Write On Target will forever
be my home.