19 November 2014

Health Care Terms Made Simple

One of the challenges of benefits communications is keeping it simple. Terms like premiums, deductibles and provider networks, may seem obvious to you since you work in the business but are gobbledegook to your employees and their family members.

A recent survey released by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found that four in ten uninsured did not know basic health insurance terms. And even fewer understood how to calculate cost-sharing amounts for services such as a hospital stay or an out-of-network lab test.

In response, the Kaiser Family Foundation released the third in a series of cartoon videos, designed to educate both the uninsured and insured. The newest video is entitled Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have it Covered. The video’s lighthearted approach makes it easy to understand insurance terms and concepts, such as coinsurance, copays and networks. It even explains how different insurance plans work when accessing medical care or prescriptions.

Take a few moments to watch the video. It’s a good example of simplifying the complex. Additional health insurance educational materials, including an online literacy test, are available for free on the Kaiser Family Foundation website.