04 April 2017

Get Ready: Annual Enrollment Starts in Six Months

Has it really been six months since we were in the middle of annual enrollment? Time does fly! Yet, in six months, you’ll once again be in the thick of it. Have you started to get ready? To help you along your way, here’s a quick hit list of things to consider.

Create your communications plan

As soon as you know what benefits are changing for 2018, start drafting your communications plan. Consider:

  • What do you hope to achieve (objective)?
  • Who can bring about your desired result (audience)?
  • What do they need told to be motivated to take action (message)?
  • What is the best way to reach your audience (vehicles)?
  • When and how often should you get the message out (timing)?

Your plan will drive your communications throughout the entire annual enrollment season. Spend some quality time drafting it. Get approval from leaders throughout the organization. It will make your job of executing the plan smoother.

Gather the communications team

Find the players who will execute the plan and assign roles and responsibilities. You’ll need:

  • Executor of the plan
  • Writer/content provider or subject matter expert(s)
  • Designer/IT support
  • Reviewer(s)
  • Final decision-maker

Develop production schedules

Writing, coordinating, reviewing and delivering communications are probably not the only job you have for annual enrollment. Production schedules are a great way for you to schedule your time for your other thousand-and-one to-do’s. Your production schedule should include the appropriate amount of time for:

  • Content development
  • Writing
  • Design (if applicable)
  • Review cycle
  • Printing/production
  • Distribution

The time to prepare is now. Annual enrollment will be here before you know it!