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20 January 2012

Perception on Precipitation

It’s snowing in the cornfields of Ohio, which, in our office, has created a lesson in perceptions… Kelly is in complete bliss — expounding on how magical the snow is and how we have our very own snow globe. (She’s from Michigan.)...
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18 January 2012

Are You Missing the Boat?

We came across a wellness mailer the other day that spurred some discussion because there were a few places in the text where the employer missed out on an opportunity to educate and engage their employees. Don’t get your employees in the...
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12 January 2012

Get ‘Em Outta Their Chairs

For the WOT 2012 wellness initiative, we invested in a new high-tech toy – the Fitbit. It’s a pedometer on steroids. It counts our steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, and even watches our sleep pattern! Then it syncs up with our...
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