25 April 2016

Attention-Grabbing Headlines that Scream

Headline: copy designed to catch the reader’s eye and stop him in his tracks

Stop. Before reading another word, pick up a magazine and flip through it. What’s the first ad that caught your eye? What’s the headline? And how many pages did you have to flip through before you were stopped in your tracks by that ad? There’s the problem: lackluster headlines.

Many times writers are so fixated on getting the message dead-on accurate that they forget all about the headline. But if the headline doesn’t have that stop-them-in-their-tracks wow factor, you’ve already lost your audience.

As readers, we scan headlines before deciding to read content. If your headline isn’t powerful, your copy, no matter how great, might as well say “blah, blah, blah” because no one is going to read it. An effective headline doesn’t just pique your reader’s curiosity; it hooks them, compelling them to read more.

So here are three techniques to help you create powerful headlines:

Be direct
Headlines don’t have to be complicated. If you have something special to offer, say so: Sign up and earn $100.

Make a statement
Always popular. Typically creative and catchy. Usually just a couple of short words in punchy sentence form: Earn. Reap. Play.

Use the news
If you’re introducing something new or improved, tell it in your headline. Finally, now and new are popular choices in these headlines. Samples include: We’ve always helped you rock. Now we help you roll.

Now go out and rock some attention-grabbing headlines of your own.

Happy writing!