How We Make It Simple

Let’s face it, benefits are complicated. That’s why you need the communication experts at Write On Target. We make it easy for you by handling every detail — from concept to completion — and every step in between. Our team will get up to speed fast and deliver results quickly. No hassles. No worries.

It’s our passion to translate “benefit geek” language into clear, concise communications. From enrollment packages to SPDs to interactive Web sites. We’ll simplify your benefits communications for both your employees and HR staff and we’ll do it on time, on budget and on target.

We Make it Simple for Your Employees

When employees receive any piece of benefits or HR communication, they only want to know three things:

  1. What’s this about?
  2. How does it impact me?
  3. What do I have to do?

That’s why we use a unique pyramid approach to structure our communications from “need to know,” to “nice to know,” then “benefit geek” (required legal language). Material is presented so it’s easy to scan and absorb, clearly identifying key points.


The Result?

Fewer questions. More participation. And a greater appreciation for the value of your total rewards package.


Pyramid (RGB)

We Make it Simple for Your HR Staff

You’ll find that our in-depth knowledge and expertise will make us a valuable part of your HR team…one you can rely upon to get things done. Here’s why:

  • A valuable extension of your team: With Write On Target, you work directly with the person who writes your copy. No middle man (or woman) to cause confusion. Plus, your writer/consultant is on your account year-round, not just for a specific project. Consistent, professional assistance backed by an in-house team of communication experts…it’s the cost-effective way to expand your team without the overhead.
  • Left- and right-brained: We bring the best of both worlds…technical understanding of HR issues combined with award-winning marketing skills. Our unique, creative approach stands out in today’s multi-media world to grab attention and quickly communicate your message.
  • Strategic thinkers: We don’t just look at a single project, we look at the big picture. What are your objectives? What is the current mindset of your employees? What is the most effective way to deliver your message? And most importantly, how can this project support the success of your overall objectives?
  • Hand-holding not required: HR benefits and employee communications are the only things we do, so it doesn’t take long to get us up to speed. We’ll take the initiative to get your projects done on time, on target and on budget with minimum disruption to your staff.
  • Team players: We regularly work directly with our clients’ vendors to gather information or mail data needed for a project. We also work closely with corporate communications to ensure materials meet company standards and reinforce core values.
  • Honest and forthright: We’re not just another vendor trying to make a buck…we get more satisfaction in seeing you get results! So if you want a big campaign but experience has shown that a simple postcard will do the trick, we’ll let you know. It’s simple…we want you to succeed.


The Result?

On-target employee communications. Less stress on your team. Measurable results you can deliver to management.