Who We Are

Jennifer Weatherly, president, client services and senior consultant with a keen understanding in how to best communicate employee benefits to the end user…your employees. Jennifer never stops looking for innovative ways to engage employees. 

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Julie Oswalt, president of operations and art director, excels at taking a complicated concept and turning it into a graphic design that clearly communicates the message. On any given day, Julie is looking for new ways to marry words + design that are visually creative.

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Hope Clevenger, account lead and HR guru, helps clients stay in compliance and ensures their HR communications are on point. Hope’s attention to detail and expertise in the world of benefits makes her an ideal proxy for clients.


Debbie Schmid, communications specialist, is our benefits/comp “investigator,” digging through the details and keeping every project on track. Debbie manages data files, production schedules and status reports…and from time-to-time, the Write On Target team.


Sandy Jones, graphic artist, has a wealth of design experience working with some of the largest companies in the Dayton area. Her creativity and love of color breathes fresh life into everything she works on. As Sandy likes to say, “everything is awesome!”

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Becky Paul, office manager, editor and proofreader, is Write On Target’s “go-to” girl. Becky’s keen eye for detail ensures nothing goes out the door without her stamp of approval…she literally supports everything we do for our clients.

About Write On Target

Write On Target was formed in 1993 after Elizabeth Borton, then a 24-year veteran of the communications industry, ventured into the HR communications arena and said, “Boy, these folks could use some help!” She decided to use her expertise at simplifying the complex to educate employees and retirees across the country.

Today, Write On Target, Inc. is a full-service HR & Employee communications company that brings together the best of both worlds… professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in HR combined with a creative staff with impressive marketing skills. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies whose audiences vary as much by demographics and culture as they do media of choice.

Write On Target’s business model is unique in that we do not believe that “bigger is better.” We purposely limit our client list so we can provide responsive, nimble service. Each client works directly with a writer/consultant who stays on the account year-round, not just for a specific project. Additional in-house talent, such as design and production, are pulled on to projects as needed.

At Write On Target, every team member is familiar with, and able to respond to, the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently.

We find this unique level of intimacy and consistency enables us to deliver superior service and results-proven materials that impact employees, as well as organizations as a whole.


Our Philosophy

  • We are passionate about employees’ rights to understand the total rewards of working for their employer: from benefits and compensation to career development opportunities and retirement planning.
  • We believe copy and design go hand in hand. Messages should be clear and concise. Designs should be eye-catching and easy to scan, allowing the reader to quickly absorb key points.
  • We work as a seamless extension of our clients’ staffs… a reliable resource that will take the initiative to see projects through from start to finish.
  • We believe in doing things right the first time. Exceptional quality and service each and every time that is on target.